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Brand: EFEST Model: Efest IMR 18650 3500mah 20A
Efest IMR 18650 3500mah (20Amp) - flat top Official specifications: Rated capacity: 3500mAh Nominal voltage: 3.7V Voltage at end of discharge: 2.5V Max. charging current: 4A Standard charge: 2A Discharge current: 10A Pulse discharge current: 20A Charging temperature range: 0° ..
Efest LUC BLU6 (OLED) Intelligent Bluetooth Charger
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Brand: EFEST Model: Efest LUC BLU6 Charger
Intelligence is the driving force of this industry, and intelligent chargers are where it's at! This particular Bluetooth-enabled “smart charger” handles everything you throw at it, with it's main attraction being able to charge 6 batteries at once. It is compatible with any rechargeable lithium ion..
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Brand: EFEST Model: Efest - LUC Charger (4-bay)
Efest LUC 4 slot LCD charger with USB function Efest LUC V4 is high quality with 4 charging channel and big LCD charger, it has four built-in independent charging channels with reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection and Zero voltage activation function, It can..
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