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Special orders for other ejuice flavours. 

Is there a flavour that you wished we carried?  If it's made my ejuiceejuice, Twelve Monkeys, Exotics,  or Silk Cloud, we can gladly stock it for you.

- Just send us an email with the size / flavour name & strength.

We'll add your request to our next replenishment order & notify you, once it's in stock.  

It will be in the Special Order listing for you to add to with your first name beside it.

Once you have been notified that it's available for purchase, we'll give you up to 30 days to purchase it.  

There is no extra fee or increased price for this service.

Failure to purchase the special order within the 30 days will result with loss of any future special order type privileges. 

Unclaimed products will be reduced in price(slightly) and available to anyone for purchase with the name: anyone.