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This Store sells Electronic Cigarettes products and/or accessories.

You must be at least 19 years old, or the minimum age required to purchase or use Electronic Cigarettes products in your state/country of residence.

You will be required to show PROOF OF AGE upon delivery.

Shipping Information

We will do our utmost to get your order out as fast as we possible can.   Best time to get an order in is between 6:00pm & 11:00pm Eastern Time.  All orders will ship out no later than next business day.  

  Our real-time shipping calculator is connected to Canada Post. It will provide an estimate with all available shipping  options.       Please add 1 business day to the estimate if you're making an order before 6pm EST.
  Simply add your products into your cart & then select [VIEW CART] and choose the last option.
Please note, due to timezones, there may be slight discrepencies in the info provided by Canada Post in regards to estimated delivery dates. The cut-off is 5:00pm (EST). Rates are estimates and may vary slightly with actual post office rates.  

 All expedited and express shipping include up to $100 of insurance and tracking. 


        3 DOLLAR SHIPPING (Canada)  (currently unavailable during Covid-19)
 Sometimes our customers just need a single small item or 2 and aren't in a rush for delivery.  For this reason, we can process an order and send it out in regular mail.  There  are, however, restrictions set by Canada Post.   The items must be no thicker than 2cm and fit into an bubble envelope (8cm x 16cm).   This would include small items like a couple packs of replacement coils or some rebuilable materials or some drip tips.  It would not include a 30ml bottle of ejuice.   Because it's snail mail, there is no insurance, no tracking and completely at your risk.   



   USA shipments 

    We offer 3 shipping options for US orders.

       Tracked Packet™ - Lowest cost with tracking and insurance up to $100CND.

   Expedited Parcel Economical and timely delivery (for orders over $100)

   Xpresspost Fast and cost-effective (for orders over $100)

   Orders can be tracked through USPS.com once parcel crosses the border.

 (RETURNED PARCELS from USPS due to Prohibited Content will be refunded minus the shipping expenses incurred.  Please be aware of your current State & County laws in regards to the importation of electronic cigarettes and flavors)  Due to new legislation, we can no longer ship to San Francisco or New York State. 


Australia shipments (We wish you Godspeed Australia with your fight for importation.) Small packet shipping option is temporarily disabled due to delivery delays caused by Covid-19 affecting both Canada Post & Australia Post)

    We offer 2 shipping options for Australian orders.

    Small Packet™ (6 to 10 business days) - $11AUD - up to 250g. $22AUD - up to 500g. No tracking or insurance with this option. 

    Tracked Packet™ (6 to 10 business days) - $46AUD - up tp 250g. $51AUD - up to 500g. $61AUD - up to 1kg. Includes $100 liability insurance.




Local Pickup -   Sorry, we are a home based online busines and can not provide a local pickup.  

Expedited shipping in the GTA is just 1 business day and costs approx. $8.00.