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Flavour Crafters - Havana Reserve (60ml) 3mg

Flavour Crafters - Havana Reserve (60ml) 3mg

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Brand: Flavour Crafters
Product Code: Havana Reserve(60ml)
Only Ships to: Canada Australia Germany
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Havana Reserve features an aromatic blend of Havana and Habano tobacco extracts. When dealing with such fine tobacco's, little flavouring is needed. Only enhancers are used to help balance the PH, and bring out the naturally aromatic flavours of these wonderful cigar leaves.

Cigar rolling has been a long standing art form perfected in South and Latin America. It provides a source of employment for many farmers across the world, and other than the harmful effects of smoking tobacco, it is a truly beautiful art form. We are proud to bring you the vape version of such a fine art form, one that we have spent many years perfecting. For the true connoisseur.

Propylene Glycol USP, Vegetable Glycerin USP (Kosher), Nicotine Freebase, Natural & Artificial Flavours.



Flavour Crafters are called flavour crafters for one reason and this is why.  They have crafted the perfect cuban cigar with Havanna Reserve! There is no flavour description, here - it's a fantastic cuban cigar with little to nothing else. Extracted flavour base from tabacco leaves gives this one the most realistic experience, period. We've tried many many cuban cigars over the years and nothing even comes close to this. 

Please Note: The generous team over at Flavour Crafters have sent this exclusively to us for testing and feedback.   This flavour is such a pleasure to vape. We honestly couldn't get enough of the realistic experience.  Do to the complex process with tobacco extraction and it's current phase in development, this flavour can cause the coil to clog up at a much quicker pace. The team at FC are well aware and will have a final version of this flavour, slated later this year that will be more coil friendly.  Want to try something really great?  We had a just a small batch mixed for our customers to experience.  The Havanna Reserve will launch later this year at a slighly higher premium price of $29.95 to compensate for the complex process with tobacco extracts.

Ingredients: 50% Propylene Glycol, 50% Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, Nicotine freebase (0.0 - 1.8%) Natural & Artificial Flavours.


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